Ingress Protection (IP) Test

Classic Lab has the facilities for Ingress Protection to Solid Objects and Water, like Dust Test chamber, Rain Test setup, Balls, Probes etc. The level of protection of a product is signified by a number like IP1X to IP 6X & IP X1 to IP X8 where the first number is the ingress protection against solid bodies, and the second number is protection against liquids.Classic Lab has the facilities for Ingress.

The Ingress Protection rating (IP Rating) system is a classification system that in a nutshell, provides you with the levels of protection you’re receiving from solid objects and liquids. The standard aims to provide users with more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.

In a perfect world, every device will be able to withstand sand, dust and water to some extent, not all devices. The Ingress Protection rating classification system, for solid objects and liquids.

High-Temperature and High-Pressure Water Jets Tests (IPX9)

Ingress protection testing tests the level of protection an enclosure provides against intrusions. One such set of ingress protection tests involves exposing the equipment under test (EUT), to high-pressure and high-temperature water jets. These tests are numbered IPX9. The first protection from solid particles. The second digit, in the case of the would always be a 9.