Cells & Batteries

Cells & Batteries

Cellsand Batteries are now the integral part of the operation of any equipment that usually performs as aEnergy source of main standby power, in the critical operations of the equipments/devices/ gadgets that operate on the energy source. The products list is endless be it Mobiles, Computers, Tabs, Communication & Navigation Equipments, Automobiles, BP Monitors, Thermometers, Hearing Aids,Personal gadgets, EVs, SPVs, Inverters/UPS, Satellites, Torches, Emergency lights, Toys,Video games, Railways,, Aero-planes, Drones(UAVs) as well as vast variety of equipments. Based on large scale use of huge variety of Cells & Batteries, their Quality &Safety as well as to mitigate substantial import of sub-standard quality, GoI had notified through Gazette to bring various Cells & Batteries under the mandatory regulations under the ambit of  QCO of BIS to address the menace of large scale import, distribution, stocking & sale of sub-standard Primary/Secondary Cells & Batteries and enable availability of good quality and safe batteries, to the end-users.

Therefore, looking into the huge variety of applications and different categories Primary &Secondary  Cells& Batteries, Classic Lab has also ventured into establishing a credibleaccredited test facility in the Delhi NCR, NOIDA, India,to strengthen the Quality Control Order(QCO) of BIS and further add valueby serving the manufacturers, Distributors, Importers etc.. by providing its testing services for these products as per the laid down BIS requirements for compliance of QCO.


Classic lab hasjoined one of the accredited & recognized Labsfor Primary/Secondary Cells & Batteries testing labs of NOIDA, NCR of Delhi, India and serving various manufacturers who are engaged in the battery mfg. business. The test facility covers Performance, Safety, Stability as well as specified Environment tests under specified conditions.

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Testing Product Category

Related Standard


Testing of Portable Secondary Cells & Batteries-Lithium System

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IS 16046-Pt.1 &2/IEC 62133-Pt.1&2,


Portable Secondary Cells & Batteries-Nickel System

IS 16046,/IEC 62133

IS 16046-Pt 1&2,/IEC 62133-Pt. 1&2


Secondary Cells and Batteries for Solar Photovoltaic Application-Storage Batteries

IS 16270& IEC 61427-1