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The Classic Lab is one of the leading Labs of India in the areas of Testing & Calibration. It was established in year 1995 in Gautam Budh Nagar(NOIDA), Delhi’s National Capital Region (NCR) of India. It was established in NOIDA Industrial zones as the industries in this area had been expanding with a rapid pace to meet the demand and supply of the products being manufactured and fulfill the needs of domestic and exports markets. The Classic Lab was established to cater to the requirements within the manufacturing clusters in and around NOIDA and Delhi NCR where variety of Industrial/manufacturing units, Export Orient Units (EOU) as well as several manufacturing clusters were located.


Classic Aspirations:

“The Team Classic Lab endeavours to the aspirations & wishes of valuable customers and committed to fulfill their objectives through meeting their requirements”

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What Our Clients Say

Good lab for testing and calibration of electronic equipment

Vipin Sharma

Trustable and better quality services

Shamsher Rawat

Appreciated. Always Respect of manoj Sir.

Praveen Bhardwaj

I found it online and the service is good..


Good place to calibrate your instruments.


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