Domestic Electrical Appliances

Domestic Electrical Appliances

Classic Lab is among the well establishedElectrical testing labs in india. Electrical discipline of Classic Lab covers Consumer Durables, Electrical Domestic Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, Lamps & Luminaires, Photometry Flexible Household Wires & Cables(used in appliances) etc. The existing test facility was expanded to meet the requirements of customers particularly for the Standard & Labeling (S&L) program of Bureau of Energy Efficiency Testing (BEE).

Classic Testing & Research Centre (CTRC)had established the test facility by realising the requirements of customers and growing demand from the various industries of Delhi NCR of India as well as based on the notifications of GoIon making these appliances mandatory. 

Classic has established the credible test facility and has been functional since many years to conduct testing for Electrical Domestic & Kitchen Appliances that covers Large Appliances/ Consumer Durables & White Goods, Kitchen Appliances, Lamps & Luminaires Immersions/ Storage & InstantaneousWater Heaters, Fans(Ceiling, Table, Pedestal, Exhaust/Ventilating, BLDC types), Domestic Cooking Ovens, Toasters/Grillers, Juicer, Mixer Grinders(JMG), Hand Blenders, Electric Irons, Electric Kettles/Jugs, Electric Room Heaters/Radiators etc. The current test facility,from time to time, was expanded to cater to the testing requirements of customers

The entire test facility of Classic Lab is operating under one roof and is one of the few independent test facilities of Delhi NCR, India which meets the requirements of BEE (Energy Labeling), BIS(QCO/ISI), DPIIT etc. The scope  also covers the test schedules of Standards & Labeling(S&L) program for Electrical Appliances of Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE).

S. No.

Testing Product Category

Related Standard



Cooking Ranges, Hobs, Ovens and Similar Appliances

IS 302-2-6, IEC 60335-2-6


Domestic Electric Cooking Ovens

IEC 60350-1, IEC 60350-2, IS 5790, IS 369


Domestic Electric Food Mixers

IS 4250


Electric Immersion Water Heater

IS 368


Electric Instantaneous Water Heater

IS 8978


Electric Iron

IS 366, IEC 60311


Electrical Household Appliances

IS 302-1, IS 302-2, IEC 60335-1 & 2, IEC 62115, IS 302-2-26


Electric kettles & Jugs

IS 367


Electric Radiator

IS 369, IEC 60675


Electric Stoves

IS 2994


Electric Toaster & Grills

IS 1287, IS 302-2-9


Insect Killers

BS/EN 60335-1/IS 302-2-59& 39


Microwave Ovens

IS 302-2-25, IS 302-1, IEC 60705, ,IS 17676, IEC 62301


Storage Type Electric Water Heaters

IS 302-1, IS 302-2-21, IEC 60335-1 & 2, IS 2082, IEC 60379


Electric Ceiling Type Fans & Regulators

IS 374, IEC 60879


Electric Table & Pedestal Type Fans & Regulators

IS 1169, IS 555



IS 302-1, IS 302-2-80, IEC 60335-1, IEC 60335-2-80


Hot Air Fans

IS 4283


Line Operated 3Ø AC Motors

IS 12615


Propeller Type AC Ventilating Fans

IS 2312


Appliances for Heating Liquid

IS 302-2-15, IEC 60335-2-15


Domestic Gas Stove Use With LPG

IS 4246 & IS 5116


Instantaneous Domestic Water Heater For Use With LPG

IS 15558