Environmental Testing:Climate Tests

Environmental Testing:Climate Tests

Classic Lab is also equipped to perform recommended environmental tests under the specified conditions to examine and verify the adverse climatic/environmental effectsand performance on products/instruments/sub-assemblies. Environmental conditions and Tests such as Dry Heat, Damp Heat, Cyclic Test, Temperature/Humidity, Impact, Vibrations, Salt Mist, Dust, etc can be simulated in the different environment chambers as per recommendedIndian and International standards & requirements like IS, IEC,JSS,QM  etc. Classic Lab is currently conducting the environment test on the Electrical, Electronics,IT and related products/sub-assemblies as well as for other products that are required to undergo specified environment tests.

Environmental testing for the products is  broadly performed by simulating the different abnormal test conditions to simulate the real-time climatic conditions like High & ultra-Low Temperature, High &low Humidity, Dry& Damp Heat, Vibrations etc to ascertain the performance,behavior of products especially on durability/ruggedness under harsh environmental conditions.

The independent accredited test facility of Classic Lab is among the few Labs located in Delhi NCR, India, that  covers Indian & International standards IS 9000, IEC 60068, QM 333, JSS 55555, IEC 61373 & Ingress protection IP1X to IP6X.

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Environmental Testing for Electronic & Electrical Equipments: Enclosures

IS 9000, IEC 60068-2-27/2-30/2-78, QM 333, JSS 55555, IES 62262/IEC 60078-2-75.


Ingress Protection (IPX1 to IPX9) Testing

IS/IEC 60529, QM 333

IK Code 1to10