Consumer Durable & White Goods

Consumer Durable & White Goods

Household Refrigerating Appliances– Refrigerators (Direct Cool & Frost Free): Classic Testing facility is also proud to mention that it is one of credible & independent testing Lab for Domestic Refrigerators the test facility for Domestic Refrigerators in Direct Cool (IS 1476 Pt-1 & Frost Free (IS 15750:2006; Category It is among the very limited independent test labs in India to be able to test as per the current National & International Standards that also covers  the specified requirements of Standard & Labeling program of Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE).Looking into the adoption of new specifications of Domestic Refrigerators by BIS as per IS 17550 part 1,2&3 based on IEC, Classic Lab has already operationalized its state–of-the-art, 

walk-in Environmental Test Chamber, Control Panel and Data Acquisition System with customized operating software for measurements of specified test parameters and acquisition of test of results. 

This new test setup has the largest capacity for testing six refrigerators simultaneously and independently. The lab is actively pursuing to get NABL accreditation  as per IS/ISO/IEC 17025 specification. The same environmental chamber will also have facilities to test Commercial Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, Medical freezers, Bottle Coolers, icemakers and similar refrigerating appliances. This will also serve the needy customers after notification of Quality Control Order (QCO) of BIS where domestic refrigerating appliances (Refrigerators & Deep freezers) will be under the mandatory scheme WEF 01 July 2023.

The current setup of Classic lab is limited to test two samples at a time and looking into the growing demand, need was felt to add-on new facility particularly after adoption of new IS 17550 by BIS. The same standard has been adopted by Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE), GoI in its Standard & Labeling (S&L)program for Energy Rating of refrigerators where both the category of Direct Cool(DCR) & Frost free  Refrigerators(FFR) will be tested under the same standard. Currently Classic Lab has been empaneled by BEE to verify Energy Star ratings.

Domestic Washing Machines: Classic Lab has become one of the limited independent the accredited Labs in India to have established the credible test facility as per International Standards (IEC 60456-Ed. 5) as per current Indian Standards (IS 14155) & IEC 60456 ED.5. It is capable to perform various specified Performance Tests of different Category & Capacity of Domestic Washing Machines.  This operational test facility covers Fully Automatic & Semi-automatic Washing Machines covering Front Loading & Top-loading types. The test facility for Performance Tests covers Determination of Washing Performance; Determination of Rinsing Efficiency; Water Extracting Efficiency; Determination of Water & Energy Consumption Etc. This also includes requirements of Energy Efficiency Rating of Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), GoI under Standards & Labeling Program of India.The other Durable White goods includes Microwave Ovens(MWOs), Refrigerating Ice cream/Ice-cream maker.


Classic Lab test facility is empaneled with Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE) as per the requirements of Standards & Labeling (S&L) /Energy Rating program for many of the Electrical Appliances under Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and is undertaking Check Testing of Energy labeled appliances.

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Testing Product Category

Related Standard



Refrigerating Ice cream/Ice-cream maker

BS/EN 60335-1/IS 302-2-24/IEC 60335-1


Microwave Ovens

IS 302-2-25, IS 302-1, IEC 60705& BEE schedule


Domestic Electric Clothes Washing Machine

IS 14155 , IEC 60456& BEE


House-Hold Frost-Free Refrigerators

IS 17550, BEE Schedule


House-Hold Direct Cool Refrigerators

IS 17550, BEE Schedule